How to add or change my site Theme on Shopify

The design of your site (i.e., the way your site looks to customers) is known as the site "theme" in Shopify.

Add a new free theme

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. In the Free themes section near the bottom of the page, click Explore free themes. A window that shows all of the free themes will appear.
  3. Click any theme to read about its features and to preview the available theme styles.
  4. Click the Add button for the theme. The theme will be added to the Themes page of your admin.

Changing Themes

When you add new themes to your store, they appear in the Theme library section of the Themes page in Shopify. You can switch to a new theme by publishing it to your online store. When you publish a new theme, your old theme is still available in the theme library (and you can switch back to it if you want).

If you update your theme manually, then the updated version of your theme appears as a separate version in the theme library. When you switch to the updated version, the old version of your theme is still available in the theme library. To learn more, refer to Updating themes.


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