Is blogging still a useful marketing tool?

Blogging is a key element of a marketing strategy and can be used to grow your online social presence. It is agile, modern and adaptable, and can meet many marketing goals at once. It helps improve your customer engagement keyword ranking and increases average session duration. 

4 Reasons why Blogging is important: 

  1. Blogging improves your Google Rankings            
  2. Blogging is flexible and compliments your overall strategy
  3. Blogs are trustworthy and informative
  4. Blogs are the ideal home for internal links

Key to Success

"Blogging Consistently is Important"

  • Keep it up-to-date with fresh new content on a consistent basis.
  • Maintain a balance between quality and frequency - although creating quality content is important, how frequently you post is equally as important. Don't compromise the quality, but try not to spend too much time perfecting your blog posts! 

Why is blogging consistently so important? 

1. It improves SEO and Page Rankings 

  • Web crawlers used by search engines like Google regularly crawl sites to look for new content 
  • Keeping your site updated with new content helps increase your rank in search results. This can be accomplished by posting blogs.
  • Blogs help build a network of inbound links from external pages/sites 
  • Create and publish content that other sites/pages will want to link to.
  • Having other reputable sites link to your blog or other resources found on your page is important, it tells search engines that the content on your page is credible. This will increase your SEO/page rank.

2. It helps curate a Keyword Profile

  • Staying consistent with your blog posts allows you to expand your targeted audience and increase the range/number of keywords you are ranked for.
  • Each blog post can be targeted using a wide range of keywords, as it relates to your service.
  • Having a wide range of keywords (1) increases the chances of your page/site showing up in the search results of potential customers, (2) helps you target specific audiences using unique keywords.

3. It can beef up social media content 

  • Aside from your website, create content and stay consistent on other social media platforms.
  • Use platforms like Instagram to promote/share your blog content.
  • Engagement is key - post quality content that your audience will engage with and post frequently to maintain high engagement rates. Higher engagement rates = higher click-through rate in search results 

How to Stay Consistent? 

1. Use an Editorial Calendar 

Verblio offers a free editorial calendar download here

  • Create and follow a schedule
  • Determine frequency of blog posts. What is manageable? Start small and scale! 
  • Hold yourself and your team accountable for tasks required to complete a blog entry
  • Plan ahead and build out a marketing strategy

2. Outsource Blog Writing                               

If you are having issues consistently posting blogs, outsource your work to an individual that specializes in blog writing and can stay on schedule. 



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