Improving SEO Through Blog Commenting

What is blog commenting? 

Blog commenting is the act of leaving a comment, a response, a question, etc. on a blog by a user, blogger and/or author and/or allowing comments on your own blog. Blog comments give users and authors an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts and opinions about a particular topic. It is used as a tool to drive traffic to a site/page. 

Why is blog commenting important? 

  • It allows for knowledge, ideas and experiences to be shared
  • It creates conversation between commentators and the author 
  • It can grow your network by building relationships between user(s) and user and author

Benefits of blog commenting:

  • It makes your blog interactive
  • It increases engagement and popularity 
  • A way to build/grow your network
  • Helps drive and attract traffic to your blog 
  • Increases your Search Engine Optimization 

Tips for blog commenting:


  • Commenting on other blogs creates a back link (link to your page), which helps drive traffic to your page


  • When you comment on a blog, you leave a backlink - this helps drive traffic
  • Comments should be relevant and in the context of the subject being discussed

Build Relationships

  • Build a relationship with your audience by interacting with them through your own blog comments
  • Blog commenting on other blogs helps build relationships with other bloggers

Brand Recognition

  • Stay in your niche: (1) comment on blogs that are related to your service/business, (2) write blogs that are relevant to your service/business - this will help drive the right traffic to your brand 
  • Make a list of pages/blogs that are in your niche to stay up-to-date with new content


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