What is microblogging? 

Microblogging is like blogging, but instead uses short phrases to convey its message (longer than a text message but, shorter than a blog post). The easiest example of microblogging is Twitter, where you share messages with your followers in 280 characters or less. You can also use other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. depending where your audience is active. 

It can be used as a communication and promotional tool used to send frequent short messages to customers.

The importance of Microblogging

According to a recent survey, 75% of people prefer the articles they read to be under 1,000 words. Microblogging is a new social media tool businesses can use to communicate consistently with their customers, partners and staff. 

  • Immediate - quick and efficient
  • Expansive - able to reach far more customers in a matter of seconds
  • Tangible business results

What are the benefits of microblogging? 

  • Efficient and beneficial way for businesses to use a wide-range of marketing strategies - including growing their brand awareness and strengthening their customer service. 
  • Encourages customer interaction and engagement
  • Gives businesses the ability to listen to what customers are saying about them and respond directly. 
  • Short posts allow businesses to communicate with their customers and provide them with quick information/updates on their brand/services. 

Is it Useful?

Businesses that have implemented microblogging have found it invaluable for supporting customers and for improving the services they offer their customers. 

In order to build a successful microblogging campaign, companies need to come up with a social media strategy. 

  1. What image do they want to present? 
  2. What kind of content should be posted?
  3. What is the frequency of posts?

Getting started - you can create a social media strategy and manage this with internal resources, or you may want to hire consultants in this space to outline possibilities and build a strategy.

Source: https://www.businesschief.eu/digital-strategy/good-pr-delivers-more-just-headlines

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