How to fix cart abandonment issues

Here are 6 steps to help reduce cart abandonment issues:

  1. Show Images: Display images (instead of just text) so customers know and understand what they are purchasing. This includes ensuring image thumbnails are also displayed in the customers shopping cart and checkout.
  2. Provide editing in cart: Allow customers to add/remove items directly in their cart. Customers who leave the cart may not return.
  3. Offer different payment methods: Some customers may prefer certain payment methods (e.g., PayPal) over others (e.g., credit card). Offering options increases the likelihood of payment.
  4. Avoid registrations: Including a registration step creates more steps for the customer. Allow them to checkout as a guest and remove this layer of work.
  5. Offer free shipping: Hidden, unexpected costs may deter customers from checking out. If possible, offer free shipping (or build the cost of shipping into the product price) to avoid these surprises.
  6. Display testimonials or reviews: Credibility helps. Provide confidence by showing testimonials or reviews to customers.


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