Improve your SEO with Webinar Transcripts

Webinar Marketing as an Effective Tool:

Webinar marketing is an effective tool that businesses can use to connect with their audiences directly, share in-depth information and offer value for the customer. 

Other key benefits: 

  • Easy to plan and carry out 
  • Can be used to promote any new products or services through a direct presentation
  • Ability to share knowledge - which is important when establishing your brand's reputation 

How Video Transcripts Improve SEO

When sharing your Webinar online for people to view later on, include a transcript of the video to help improve your SEO. 

Below are a few ways adding a video transcript of your Webinar can help improve your SEO. 

1. Transcription Creates Link-Building Opportunities 

Link-Building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. 

  • Webinar transcripts are written content - in the text you can link high-authority websites and your own internal pages.
  • Note: Don't spam your transcript with links - only add links that are relevant to the user's experience. For example: If you need a more in-depth explanation of a term discussed in your webinar - you can link a high-authority/trusted link that outlines the term or you can link to a page on your site that provides more context to the term. 
  • Having Webinar transcripts also allows other sites to link to yours and easily use your webinar as an information source. The transcript also makes it easier for someone to reference a certain part of the webinar. 

2. Search Engine Bots Love Text

  • Your transcript tells Google bots what your webinar is about and conveys the quality of the webinar.
  • You can include keywords and long-tail phrases in context. 
  • The transcript makes video search more effective. - Keywords in your transcript will help your webinar appear in Google's results.

You can use Website Rank Checking to check the effectiveness of adding a transcript. Check your rank before adding a transcript and after. 

3. Interactive Transcripts Improve the User's Experience 

  • Non-native speakers watching the webinar can use the transcript when they are having difficulty understanding -  by reading the text or by using a translation tool to translate words and/or phrases. 
  • For Native speakers reading the transcription helps viewers pay more attention. It also allows them to reference relevant parts. 
  • Improving user experience helps increase your SEO. - Viewers will interact more with your site if you make them feel comfortable and Google will take notice of those actions. 

4. Webinar Transcripts Lower Bounce Rates 

  • Transcripts enhance user engagement and attention. 
  • Gives hearing-impaired visitors the opportunity to follow along. 
  • Keeps visitors that aren't able to listen to a video at the moment, but can follow along by reading. 

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