The Importance of Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel marketing technique aimed to get you as close to your customers as possible by targeting them on their smartphones.

This can be achieved by:

  • Sending text messages to advertise products. 
  • Providing a mobile site and/or app.  

Why is mobile marketing important? 

  • Almost everybody has a mobile phone.
  • More people on the mobile web compared to computers. 
  • Attachment: People are constantly on their phone.
  • Efficient way to send a message to your audience. 
  • Helps put your company/service in front of people who surf the web using their phone. 
  • Mobile marketing help businesses succeed faster by advertising their products on mobile devices. 

How to create a cross-channel mobile marketing strategy? 

  • Get your customers to check out your other projects - your mobile website, mobile pages, mobile apps, etc.
  • This allows you to collect money, views, information, and also allows you learn more about your customers. 

Mobile Marketing options: 

  1. Responsive Design
    • This ensures your mobile site is presentable and functional on all devices. 
    • For example: a responsive design will ensure that an image sizes down to the appropriate size depending on the screen size of the device. 
  2. SMS/MMS 
    • A text message campaign.
    • The campaign: send texts to your customers to remind them about your products, your events, and give them special offers. 
    • Allow for the option to opt-out of the campaign.
  3. Mobile Apps 
    • Requires its own dedicated team to implement. 
    • Determine what will be included in the app. 
    • They increase your earnings and make your customer interactions easier. 

How to test, measure and optimize your mobile marketing

Ask yourself: What did your company wish to achieve when you started mobile marketing? Was it more sales? Was it more customers? 

Once you determine your objective: 

  1. Collect data from your mobile marketing.
  2. Determine where/which parts you failed to reach your goal. What made you fail?  
  3. Once you determine the cause of failure - change it and remeasure your results to determine if it truly was the cause of failure.
  4. Once you determine the cause, optimize it to continue to improve your mobile marketing strategies.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies:

  • SMS/MMS Marketing
  • Mobile Internet Marketing 
  • Bluetooth Mobile Marketing - send messages to all devices with Bluetooth enabled within your area.

Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategies: 

  • Making content available on PCs downloadable to mobile devices.
  • Allow videos to be played on mobile devices.


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