Types of Facebook Campaigns Explained

Determine Your Strategy

It all starts with strategy. When setting up a new Facebook Ad campaign, think about the goal for your business. Do you want more traffic on your website? More messages from users? More views on your videos?

Choosing a campaign objective that fits your goals with Facebook advertising is a crucial first step to ensuring a successful ad campaign.

Once you’ve chosen an objective, you’ll be able to create an audience based on the types of individuals you wish to target. You can narrow down the locations in your service area, the age range of users you want to reach, and even by interests in behaviors.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are several different types of Facebook Ads in 2020. Some are very simple to create, like Boosted Posts and Image Ads. Others, such as Instant Experiences and Lead Generation, offer more engaging and immersive experiences for users. It is best to explore various Facebook ad types to determine which perform best for your vertical.

Boosted Posts

The easiest way to start advertising is by merely boosting an existing post from your Facebook Page. The option to boost a Facebook post is located on your Facebook business page on the post itself.

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Boosted posts are simple to create but lack the customization level you can achieve by creating an original ad. We recommend creating original ads (or launching a digital advertising campaign with us) for improved targeting of your audience.

Image Ads

Simple image ads are a great way to get started with custom Facebook ads. This type of Facebook ad is one of the most common on the platform and features a single image with accompanying ad copy as the “caption.”

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Video Ads

Video Ads are highly engaging and appear both on the Facebook Newsfeed as users scroll through their friends’ posts and as an in-stream ad in a series of videos.


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Video Poll Ads

Video ads can go one step further on Facebook mobile ads and incorporate a poll. This brand-new type of Facebook ad shows promising data for increasing brand awareness more effectively than standard video ads. These ads encourage the user to engage with the ad more readily.

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Carousel Ads

Carousel ads feature up to 10 images or videos and are a fantastic way to showcase a collection of products or services. Carousel ads often drive the highest “click-thru rates” of any type of Facebook ad because of their appealing and engaging presentation.

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Slideshow Ads

This type of Facebook ad is an easy way to quickly create a short video ad from a collection of photos, text, and video clips. Slideshow ads load more readily than typical video ads, so they work well in areas with a slow internet connection.

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Instant Experience Ads (previously called Canvas)

These full-screen ads load up to 15x faster than a mobile website but simulate the experience of navigating through a brand’s website.

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Lead Ads

This type of Facebook ad is available only on mobile, making it easy for potential customers to give you their contact information quickly. Further, messenger bots can be used to qualify potential new clients.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are typically used for remarketing to a user who did not complete a purchase or other conversion action on your site. For example, if someone visits your product page, ads an item to their cart, but then abandons the site, dynamic ads would then advertise that exact item right on their Facebook feed, encouraging them to return to the cart and check out.

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