Why You Should Use Social Bookmarking For SEO

What is social bookmarking? 

Social bookmarking is an off-page SEO tool. It is the process of storing and managing websites and pages that a user frequently visits. It gives users the ability to share their saved bookmarks on sites - they can be viewed and re-shared by others. If used properly it can positively impact your SEO campaign.

Benefits of social bookmarking: 

  • Increases site traffic to your site.
  • Creates quality back links from authority sites. 
  • Earn natural links and not spam links.
  • Opportunity to make your content go viral.

12 Reasons why you should use social book marketing as part of your SEO strategy:

  1. Creates more brand awareness
  2. Helps in content promotion
  3. Faster indexing by search engines
  4. Targeted traffic generation
  5. Lead generation
  6. More subscriptions
  7. Generate high-quality backlinks
  8. Increases domain authority 
  9. Builds strong social signals
  10. Improves keyword ranking and SERPs (search engine results page)
  11. Boosts your page rank
  12. Improves your interaction with fellow bloggers

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How to make social bookmarking effective? 

  • Don't limit your social sharing activity to a few bookmarking sites.
  • Post your link on as many bookmarking sites as you can. - This will help increase your brand visibility, improve your page rank and increase your site traffic. 


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