Online Marketing - Its Importance and How to Build an Effective Plan

How Digital Marketing Benefits You:

The video below outlines:

  1. What is internet marketing? 
  2. Types of internet marketing strategies.
  3. Why you should use internet marketing as a part of your strategy. 


The importance of Online Marketing: 

Internet marketing plays a crucial role in help your business grow. 

Below are 7 reasons why online marketing is so important.

  1. Your customers are online 
  2. It creates two-way communication  
  3. It helps to personalize your audience's experience
  4. Allows you to drive quality traffic to your page
  5. It increases your businesses'/brand's visibility
  6. Allows you to multi-task
  7. Your competitors are also using online marketing as a tool 

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4 reasons why businesses use online marketing:

  1. It is cost-effective - digital marketing is affordable compared to traditional methods. Use cost-effective methods that will give you a good return on your investment. 
  2. The internet is always open - internet marketing allows consumers to access your business 24/7.
  3. Can create campaigns faster - unlike traditional methods, internet marketing allows you to create and run campaigns quickly. 
  4. Get advanced analytics - you are able to use web analytics to see how your campaigns perform, monitor various metrics and optimize future campaigns. 

How to build an effective online marketing plan: 

Having an online marketing plan is essential in a market that continuously changes and continues to advance technically. 

An online marketing plan can help you stand out from other, achieve your objectives and anticipate any challenges ahead of time. 

  1. Begin with an analysis of the situation 
    • SWOT analysis
    • What are your strengths? 
    • What are your weaknesses?
    • What are potential opportunities?
    • What are your threats? What are other companies alike doing? 
  2. Discover your target audience 
  3. Analyze your goals
  4. Develop strategies you will use
  5. Create action plans 
  6. Determine resources and budget
  7. Monitor 

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