Getting Started with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an amazing and efficient way to grow your business online. This article is an overview of how to correctly choose the right source (Facebook, Google, etc.) to promote your business or services. 

There are two types of digital tactics that help determine which sources are best for you to test. These campaigns are called Push Campaigns and Pull campaigns.  

Push Campaigns

Push campaigns are when you push a product at a customer. The customer may not have known about your product or service so you can push your message to them. 

Popular Sources to build Push Campaigns: 

  • Facebook

  • Instagram 

  • Youtube 

  • Reddit 

  • Pinterest

Pull Campaigns

Pull campaigns pull a customer towards a product.  This is when a customer is searching for a product or service. The Customer in this example shows high intent to buy since they have taken action to fulfil their needs. 

Popular Sources to build Pull Campaigns: 

  • Google 

  • Bing 

  • Amazon 

Before setting up your campaigns and choosing your sources, it’s important to consider how your customers are more likely to seek your product or services. It is recommended to have a mix of push and pull campaigns but remember to keep a close eye on performance to make sure you are yielding the best return.

Here is a great video explaining some of the differences:


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