Intro to SEO Webinar (Feb 1, 2021)

Recorded version of the webinar on SEO from February 1, 2021:

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Key Learnings from Webinar

What is SEO and what can it do for you? 

Video Start Time: 5:05 

  • People use keywords to help them find products/services. Optimizing your SEO helps ensure that your business appears high in the search engine results. 
  • SEO provides the best ROI (return on investment) compared to other marketing forms. 

Periodic Table of SEO 

Video Start Time: 6:35 

  • There are over 200 + SEO signals that are used to determine a page's rank. The periodic table provides the top SEO indicators that matter the most when it comes to search engine ranking. 
  • For small businesses some of the most important factors include: content, architecture, html, trust, links, and user experience 
  • Making adjustments to a few of these pillars can help improve your online presence and provide an instant return. 

5 Things you can do to improve you SEO - Video Start Time: 10:16 

  1. Have a good website - Video Start Time: 10:23 
    • Create a website that is responsive, quick, secure, and easy to navigate.
    • Video Start Time: 11:15 - Pros and Cons of Wix/Squarespace: They are easy-to-use, but have limited SEO opportunities. 
    • When creating a website, be aware of the restrictions on SEO. Owning your own domain helps improve your SEO, because you have full back-end access to make any modifications required to increase your rank (i.e determining your URL structure). 
    • Wordpress allows you to scale your business by offering multiple features to help improve your SEO with no limitations. 
  2. Prioritize Mobile and Speed - Video Start Time: 13:35 
    • Provide information to your users quickly
    • Make sure visuals, videos, images are compressed and don't impact page speed. 
    • Prioritize privacy and make sure your website is secure. Purchase an SSL (secured socket layer) certificate. This is necessary for all websites - it is an encryption that provides users with comfort knowing that the website is secured and won't get hacked. 
  3. Google Search Console and Google Analytics - Video Start Time: 14:56 
    • Make sure your website is registered in Google search console and set up Google Analytics to be able to monitor key data points. 
    • Google Search Console is free - it analyzes your site for errors and tells you which pages are being indexed. For example: when you upload new content onto your page you can use search console to ensure your site is being indexed.
  4. Create good content - Video Start Time: 17:32
    • Create content that is fresh, engaging, and of relevance 
    • Position yourself as a thought leader and authoritative expert in your field
    • Use different forms of content - written, audio, video, and images
    • Create robust content (i.e blog with audio format). This makes your content more engaging and increases the likelihood of readers taking action 
    • Understand your customers and know who you ideal customer is (their profile)
    • Talk to your customers and get to know them - this will help you determine which topics you should create topics around
    • Use long tailed keywords that are high quality and well-researched 
    • Video Start Time: 19:32 - E.A.T: 
      • Expertise - How knowledgeable is the site owner on the subject?
      • Authoritativeness - How credible is the site publishing the content?
      • Trustworthiness - How trustworthy is the site publishing this? 
  5. Claim your Google my business (map on Google) 
    • Brick and Mortar storefronts
    • Verify it, claim it, and optimize it
    • Add images, videos and answer questions  
    • Reviews - Video Start Time: 24:06 - Get your customers to submit reviews for your business on Google my business and other third party platforms (i.e Facebook) 
    • Check your html (How your search results appear) - Video Start Time: 25:37
      • (1) make your title tags unique
      • (2) restructure your url to make it more engaging and implement keywords
      • (3) Use your meta description - embed some of the keywords you want to optimize 

Free SEO Tools (On-Page SEO) 

Video Start Time: 27:40

  1. Yoast
  2. All in One SEO 

Get Links 

Video Start Time: 28:34

  • Get other people to talk about you online and get site exposure through links 
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and get recognition from others through links (others referencing you as a go to player in your field)
  • Getting links is a form of relationship building

How long does it take to see results after implementing SEO factors 

Video Start Time: 36:32 

  • Depends on many factors: your business, your vertical and your competitors
  • Examine which factors are going to move the needle the most and implement those
  • Use a/b testing to see what factors/strategies work best for you 

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