How to Sell on Instagram - Set up your Instagram Shop

What is Instagram Shopping? 

A digital storefront. Instead of customers having to type a link for a product into their browser, or allow only one link in your Instagram bio, Instagram shopping allows customers to browse products and link directly to that produce on your website, and can increase sales significantly (especially within select demographics). 

How to get approved for Instagram Shopping

Before setting up a Instagram Shopping, your business must check off the follow eligibility requirements:

  1. Your business is located in a locale where Instagram Shopping is available - List of Supported Markets (Canada is eligible)
  2. You sell a physical, eligible product
  3. Your business complies to Instagram's Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies
  4. Your business owns your eCommerce website 
  5. You have a business profile on Instagram. If your profile is set up as a personal profile - click here for instructions on how to make the switch

How to set up Instagram Shopping

Step 1: Convert to a Business or Creator Account

If you haven't already, switch your Instagram account to a Business or Creator account. 

  • It's free
  • Qualifies you for Instagram shopping and unlocks other analytics - i.e insights 

Step 2: Connect to a Facebook Page

You need a Facebook Page to set up Instagram Shopping 

If you don't already have a Facebook Page set up - follow these steps to set one up

Once you set up your Facebook page or if you already have one - connect the two!

  1. On Instagram, go to edit profile
  2. Under Public Business Information, select Page
  3. Choose your Facebook Business Page to connect 
  4. You're all set! 

Step 3: Upload your product catalog

Two options: 

(1) Input products manually into Facebook Business manager 

(2) Integrate a pre-existing product databased from a certified eCommerce platform (Shopify, BigComemrce) 

Step by Step Guide on how to create a product catalog 

Option 1: Facebook Business Catalog Manager 

  1. Log into your Facebook Business account and go to Commerce Manager 
  2. Click Get Started and Create a Catalog
  3. Select eCommerce (products) and click Next
  4. Select how you would like to add items to your catalog - in this case, choose Upload Product Info 
  5. Assign this catalog to your Business Manager Account
  6. Enter a Name for your Catalog 
  7. Click Create 
  8. Go back to Commerce Manager and select your catalog
  9. Open up the Catalog tab and navigate to Items 
  10. Select Add Items, then Add Manually, and hit next
  11. Upload an image of your item - minimum 500x500 pixels
  12. Enter a name, description, and other details. Be sure to include keywords to help your SEO search
  13. In the Item Category section, select a specific category 
  14. Under create variants, add various sizes/colours (if required)
  15. Once you've completed filling out all the product details, select Finish or click Add another item and go back to Step 12 and repeat the steps.

Option 2: Integrate an eCommerce Database 

  1. Log into your Facebook Business account and go to Commerce Manager
  2. Open the Catalog tab and go to Data Sources 
  3. Select Add Items then Use a Partner Platform, then hit Next
  4. Select your platform of choice 
    • Shopify 
    • BigCommerce
    • ChannelAdvisor 
    • CommerceHub
    • Feedonomics 
    • CedCommerce
    • adMixt
    • DataCaciques
    • Quipt
    • Zentail 
  5. Follow the link to the partner platform selected and complete the steps there to connect your account with Facebook

Step 4: Submit your account for review

Once you've set up your products, you'll need to submit your account for review.

  • The review process usually takes a couple days or more 

How to submit your account for review? 

  1. Go to your Instagram profile settings
  2. Tap Sign up for Instagram Shopping 
  3. Follow the steps to submit your account for review
  4. You can check the status of your review by visiting Shopping in your Settings 

Step 5: Turn on Instagram Shopping

Once your account passes the review process, you will need to connect your product catalog with your Instagram shop. 

  1. Go to your Instagram profile settings
  2. Tap Business, then Shopping 
  3. Select the product catalog you'd like to connect
  4. Tap Done 

Currently, Instagram checkout is only available for users living in the United States with a Business or Creator account.

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