How to set up Facebook Shop

How to set up Facebook shops

Facebook Shop is currently only available in the United States - the ability to checkout on the platform. However, setting up a Facebook Page shop is still useful for those outside of the USA. This make it easy to link up with the Facebook Shops features once it becomes available, and allows you to showcase products on your Facebook page and link directly to that product page on your eCommerce shop. 

If you don't already have a Facebook Business page set up, see How to Create a Facebook Business Page before following the steps below. 


What you need to set up a Facebook shop page:

  1. You will need to be the Admin of your Business page 
  2. Be selling a physical product - Facebook doesn't support sales of services of downloadable documents
  3. Agree to Facebook Merchant Terms 

Step 1: Go to the 'Shop' tab on your Business Page

This is located in the left navigatin bar of your Business page 

A pop-up will appear and you will be prompted to read and agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies.

Step 2: Select a checkout option 

Facebook Shop is currently not available in Canada, which means customers can't checkout out directly on Facebook, however they can still link directly to that product page on your website and check out there. When Facebook Shop is made available in Canada, you will be able to link your payment details to your Facebook shop.

For those outside of the US, Facebook offers other checkout methods to allow users to complete checkout outside of the platform. There are two options available to complete a sale:

  1. Message to buy - a more labour intensive option
    • This is an option for businesses that don't have a website to link to 
    • This option is also great for businesses with highly tailored/customizable products. Customers will be able to message their request for purchase. 
  2. Check out on another website 
    • Customers will be redirected to your eCommerce website to complete their purchase 
    • You will be promoted to select the currency you would like to use 

Step 3: Add Products 

Now you will need to add products to your Facebook Page shop.

To start adding products, click the blue Add Product button.

To add a product, you will need to add product images, a product price, a product description and name

If you opted for the checkout on another website option - you will need to add a link to where the customer can check out - usually the item product page on your website.

If you opted to sell on Messenger, you won't need to add a link here.

See example below 

Once you have filled out all the necessary information click Add Product.

Your product will appear in the shop tab, select Add a Product to add more products.

Step 4: Organize your products into collections (optional)

Organizing your products into collections makes it easier for customers find what they are looking for. You can organize them however you like, whatever makes sense for your business/brand

The option to add a new collection is below your new products

Click Add Collection then + Add Collection in the top corner, as seen below 

Give your collection a name (this will be the name displayed on your shop page) and add all the relevant products for this collection. 

Since you're unable to Manage Orders on Facebook, you will have to manually add and remove products.

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