How to use the Instagram Shopping Tool

3 ways to use the Instagram Shopping tool

1. Create Instagram Shopping posts

How to create an Instagram Shopping post: 

  1. Upload a photo just as a regular post 
  2. Tap on Tag Products, then tap where on the photo you would like the tag to appear
  3. Start typing the name of the product(s) you want to tag - Note: this should be the name used in your product catalog
  4. Select your product(s) and hit Done
  5. Tap Share once finished to share your Instagram Shopping post

Note: You can tag up to 5 products per post image or video 

  • Shoppable Instagram posts will show a shopping bag icon in the bottom left corner (as seen above)
  • All Instagram Shopping posts will appear on your profile under the Shopping tab

2. Create Instagram Shopping stories

How to create an Instagram Shopping stories:

  1. Upload or create your content for story as usual 
  2. Before adding to your story, click the sticker icon in the top right hand corner, find the product sticker, select the product from your catalog you would like to tag
  3. Once added, share to your story 

Tip: You can customize your product sticker to match the colours of your story

3. Create Instagram Shopping guides

This is a new feature that has been recently introduced (2021)

What is Instagram guides? 

Instagram guide are like mini blogs that lives within the platform on your page. 

  • Businesses can use this feature to promote products through their own creativity - i.e gift guides, trend reports

How to create an Instagram Shopping  guides:

  1.  From your profile click the + symbol in the top corner
  2. Select Guide
  3. Tap Products 
  4. Search by account for the product listing you would like to include. You can also include products saved to your wishlist
  5. Select the product(s) you would like to add and click Next. You can select multiple posts (if applicable) - These will be displayed as a carousel 
  6. Add the title and description of your guide. To use a different cover photo, select change cover photo 
  7. Add a description to each shared product if you would like
  8. Tap Add Products and repeat steps 4-8 until your guide is complete
  9. Tap Next in the top right corner 
  10. Click Share

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