Create Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences on Facebook is one of the most powerful targeting tools across the ad platforms. 

The Lookalike targeting feature is available on other platforms as well (such as Google & LinkedIn), but we find that Facebook provides the most consistent results and would always start there when possible. 

How to create a Lookalike Audience: 

  1. Navigate to Audiences while logged into Facebook Business Manager. 
  2. Select Create Audience and choose Lookalike Audience. 
  3. Choose your Source. This is typically an existing non-Lookalike audience (such as an email list upload, or a retargeting audience based on URL visits). 
  4. Choose your desired audience size (we typically start with 1%). 
  5. Complete

*Note: Your audience source needs to be matched to at least 100 users in the same country in order to build a Lookalike off of it

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