How to build a New Campaign (Screenshots)

  • Select the proper Account from the top dropdown, then click "+ Create"
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  • Select "Conversions" and scroll down to name your campaign (ie. SG_[type of campaign ie. Prospecting]) and Ad set (Interest_SnackBrands). Once you are done naming your campaign, select "Continue" 
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  • You will open to this screen, where you can further edit your campaign/adset/ad. 
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  • Scroll down to "Campaign Budget Optimization" and turn it on. Then, select a campaign Daily Budget (or a Lifetime Budget if you have an end date to the campaign). Click "Continue" 
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  • Now, you are working on your ad set (or "Audience") within your Campaign. You may have multiple ad sets, but for this example, we will stick with one. Once you name your ad set, make sure you are selecting "Website" if this is the location type where your customer will go once they click on your ad. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.15.20 PM.png
  • In Pixel section, make sure your Pixel is set up and selected - you should see Pixel ID number here to ensure it matches the Pixel on your account's site. Then, select the conversion event you have previously set up under Events Manager. Important: under Dynamic Creative, make sure this section is turned off as we only want to run ads which have been approved by our account contacts. 
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  • Under Budget & Schedule, you can select the start and end date of this particular audience. This does not have to be the same as the overall campaign, but if you choose an end date and it is after the campaign end date, your audience will also stop running. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.19.48 PM.png
  • Next step is to input your Audience for this Adset! Since we are targeting snack brands and people interested in snacks, our adset will be catered to this audience. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.21.53 PM.png
  • Hovering over "Detailed Targeting", click "edit" in the top right corner. Here, you can add demographics, interests, or behaviours to help target your audience. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.23.12 PM.png
  • I have edited the audience below as an example. I am targeting Canadians (location - canada) who are A18+ (age 18-65), all genders, who are interested in chip brands such as Dirotis, Lay's Ruffles). You can get very specific with this audience interest but for now, I have chosen these 3 to better understand what type of audience converts. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.24.54 PM.png
  • I have included Detailed Targeting Expansion (ON) but if you have a very broad audience, I recommend turning this off. 
  • You can choose whether you would like Auto Placements on or off. If your client has not specified certain placements, I recommend leaving it on for the meantime. You can always switch this later on. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.27.45 PM.png
  • Click "Continue" and move to setting up your ad! 
  • To set up your ad, ensure your Facebook Page and Instagram Account are connected under "Identity. Do NOT select "branded content" as it will lead to complications in ad approvals. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 2.55.01 PM.png
  • Under Ad setup, select the type of placement you would like to upload a creative for (ie. Still Image - story & in-feed or Carousel - multiple cards in one ad) 
  • For Still Image Ads, scroll to "Ad Creative" and upload the image - a story & a feed version. Then, add the Primary Text, Headline, Description and Website URL (without UTMs). Options to include a Display link (aesthetic only) here. 
  • For Tracking, ensure the correct pixel and website event is set up and you have included URL paramaters (UTMs) for tracking. An example dynamic UTM to include is: 
    • Example UTM: utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={{}}&utm_content={{}}&utm_term={{}}
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