How to Set Up TikTok Campaign

Step 1: Under Campaign 

  • Choose Buying Type (Auction is the only available option right now) 
  • Select Advertising Objective (Traffic is most common for a top-of-funnel platform but clarify with account)
  • Under Settings
    • Choose Campaign Name (Follow Account Naming Conventions/use Agency Identifier SG_)
    • Choose Daily Budget (Note: There is a min. $50 daily budget for Conv. campaign on TikTok) 

Step 2: Under Ad Group

  • Choose Ad Group Name (Follow Account Naming Conventions) 
  • Choose Promotion Type (For Conv. campaigns, there is only the option to promote Website)
    • Connect with team on instructions to setup TikTok Pixel + Event
  • Placements
    • Select Placement Type (Auto or Manual)
    • Select Block List (Pangle), User Comment (keep on) & Video Download (turn off)
  • Creative Type
    • Turn on Auto Creative Optimization (*note: this setting cannot be changed after campaign is published) 
  • Targeting 
    • Select Audience (Inclusion & Exclusion Lists if applicable) 
    • Select Interest & Behaviours (if running an interest audience)
    • Select Demographics (if running broad or want to layer with the above audiences) 
  • Budget & Schedule 
    • Choose Budget (have to select a daily budget > if you have more than 1 ad group running, make sure 

to adjust budget accordingly) 

  • Bidding & Optimization 
    • Select Optimization Goal (ie. Click, Conversion, etc) 
    • Select Bid Strategy > CPA  (if suggested min. Bid seems high.. don't have to use it) 

Step 3: Ad Name, Format & Details 

    • Choose Ad Name 
    • Upload Creatives (Video in MP4 or Still Image in JPG/PNG) > Click Confirm 
  • Choose Display Name (ie. @Search+Gather ), Text (100c count but recommend trying to stay under 30), CTA (ie. Learn more, Shop now), Final URL (must include https://), and Profile Image (Circle)
  • Add Tracking URL (click or impression level) 

When you've looked over all sections and they are correct, you can go ahead and press Submit! Note: If the campaign is not supposed to go live for a few days, I recommend pausing it immediately after you launch it. 

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