Negative Keywords

You should look at the Search Term report in Google Ads in order to filter out negative keywords that will save you budget and improve your performance.  It is important to check every few weeks or once a month to filter out negatives, since there are always new irrelevant searches added all the time. 

Scenario:  What would you exclude from this list for a client that is in the

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 1.21.08 PM.png


"home health care products" and "long term care homes" are both not relevant searches for home care services at home.  These would be two solid choices to add to a negative list, or add as a negative at the campaign or ad group level.

Interestingly, products has a really high CPA, while long term care home is not too bad.  It might be worth checking lead quality from the long term care homes search terms if you are able to.

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