Best practices for emails

Sending marketing emails to your customers can be a great way to increase traffic to your store. Here are some things to help keep your customers engaged with your content, and interested in visiting your store.

What to include in email campaigns

  • Emails can include announcement about new products or sales you may be having
  • Include links to your store, as the purpose is to drive people there
  • Include links to your social media sites/channels

When to send email campaigns

  • Communicate with your subscribers once per month so they don't forget about you
  • Don't communicate with them too often as this could cause them to lose interest

Designing emails

  • Make sure the look and feel of your emails matches the rest of your brand (e.g., fonts, logos, colours)
  • Add images that relate to what you sell in your store
  • Avoid using only images to display critical text (e.g., 50% off), as images could end up getting blocked

Tips for writing effective content

  • Consider your intended audience and adjust your language to engage with them
  • Make sure any important or promotional content is at the top of your email
  • Try to keep emails under 200 words or about 20 lines

Subject line

  • Create your email first and then come up with a subject line and preview text as a last step
  • Your subject line should be related to the content of the email and compelling enough to get readers to open your email
  • Keep your subject line between 3-6 words or under 50 characters


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