Growing Your Business with Shopify (Workshop Aug 19, 2021)

Recorded version of the webinar on Growing Your Business with Shopify, from August 19, 2021:

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Key Learnings from Webinar

Agenda of the Workshop 

  • Site Design 
  • Extensibility 
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Payment 

What is Shopify? 

Video Start Time 8:10

Shopify is not a marketplace (like Amazon or eBay), but rather a platform that allows you to create your own website. It allows you to create a branded website/store where you can list your own products.

Strong and Competitive Market Position Graph - 2019 U.S Retail eCommerce sales 

Video Start Time 9:07

The graph shows how many eCommerce transactions are happening within each platform

Shopify - Second highest transactions - 5.9% of eCommerce transactions were performed on Shopify in 2019 


Video Start Time 9:53

Would you recommend using Shopify in addition to a current website or replace your current website with Shopify? 

  • Depends on the content you are presenting on your current website. i.e if you are using your current website to display content about your business i.e about us - Shopify has the capability to create content pages to display this information. If you are using your existing website to take i.e reservations (that don't rely on payment) you may want to consider keeping your existing website and in addition use Shopify for online purchases/transactions 

Getting Started with Shopify

Video Start Time 11:00

  • 14 Day Free Trial - click here
  • Minutes to set up (10-15 mins to set up a shop) 
  • The trial give you access to all of the features discussed in this Webinar 

Shopify Themes

Video Start Time 11:45

When creating a site most merchants focus on how the site looks - represent your brand and your company - who you are and what you do 

  • Templates available for look and feel of site (Shopify provides Themes that you can choose from) 
  • You can select a style/theme that best represents your brand 
  • 80+ templates to choose from 
  • Both free and paid themes available 
  • Provides templated themes with different styles, functionality and layouts 
  • Theme editor - Shopify gives you the ability to make edits/customizations to a templated theme you choose - DemoVideo Start Time 13:43 


Video Start Time 15:47

Difference between free and paid themes? 

  • Free theme - created by Shopify 
  • Paid themes - created by Partners of Shopify who developed/coded the style and offering it to merchants in the store
  • Benefit of Paid Themes - Functional differences - you may get site functionality that isn't available in the free ones

 New Shopify Change - Theme Store 

Video Start Time 17:50

  • OS 2.0 Label (Online Store 2.0) on some Themes
  • Shopify has made improvements to the usability of the theme editor- more access to other sections/pages of your site to provide more flexibility
  • Themes with the OS 2.0 Label gives you the flexibility to create sections and move sections around on every site page


Video Start Time 18:43 

How easy is it to switch themes - to a OS 2.0 theme? Does everything move over? 

  • Able to save up to 20 themes in your store 
  • One active theme and other themes can be stored in your Theme Library 
  • You can download a new theme, make your customizations and then publish it 
  • The components of your site (i.e blog) will automatically be carried over to your new theme - only the style of the theme would change 

Extensibility of Shopify 

Video Start Time 20:13

Shopify "makes the important stuff easy" - creating products, managing customers, orders, inventory/fulfillment

  • Shopify makes it possible to extend it's core product 
  • Extensible (Shopify AppStore) - Shopify has allowed other developers/businesses to create apps to extend Shopify's core product - extending the functionality of your Shopify store 

Noteable Apps for Small-Medium Size Businesses 

Video Start Time 21:33

  1. Smile Rewards & Loyalty/Loyalty Lion - award pts for purchases, earn and spend, a way to attract new customers
  2. Bold Subscriptions - subscription model - for recurring purchases 
  3. Shopify Email - send out emails on behalf of your business - marketing emails 
  4. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos - review app - most consumers shop by word of mouth based off of reviews, builds social trust 
  5. BookThatApp - for service business - an app to allow customers to select dates and times for appts, classes 

Demo: How the App store works  

Video Start Time 22:24

  • Search for App or Browse Apps 
  • Click Add App 
  • Connects App to your existing Shopify store 
  • Some apps have associated fees 
  • Check Reviews/Ratings

Demo: How Apps work 

Video Start Time 25:40

Smile Rewards A

Front-End - Demo

Video Start Time 26:04

Back-End - Demo 

Video Start Time 26:57

Sales Channels - Marketing and Promotions 

Video Start Time 28:30

Promotions and How to run promotions on Shopify 

Social Channels

Shopify allows you to connect your shop to... 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Google 
  • TikTok 
  • eBay
  • and more!

  • Products are available within the above social channels for you to create posts for or display them in ads
  • You can create shoppable posts (example below) - the ability to shop within these social media platforms 
  • The ability to create ads/campaigns
    Demo: How Ads work on Shopify
    Video Start Time 29:48  
  • Create campaigns directly in the back-end dashboard and link them to your social platforms  

Shopify Email

  • Create email campaigns - cheapest form of marketing with high ROI (Return on Investment) 
  •  Email Pricing: 2500 emails per/month for free / $1 for every additional 1000 emails 
  • Flexibility - editable email templates and the ability to pull in product details 
  • Demo: Shopify Email (Back-End Set-Up)
    Video Start Time 31:00

Discounts and Promotions 

Demo: How to create discounts/Shopify Discount functionality

Video Start Time 33:08

  • Percentage off 
  • Dollar Amount off 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Free Gift


Video Start Time 35:37

  • Traditional E-commerce 3-4 step/page checkout 
  • Shopify offers a product - Shop Pay (like Apple and Google Pay) 
  • Increases conversions - people purchasing 
  • Shop Pay 4x faster compared to traditional checkout methods 
  • "People are 2x more likely to make a purchase if Shop Pay is an available payment method"
  • Compared to other fast checkout methods (Apple, Google, Amazon Pay), Shopify Pay converts 11% higher


Demo: How Shop Pay works

Video Start Time 37:40

  • Must use Shopify Payments to enable Shop Pay


  1. Video Start Time 39:35 - Do you need to have a Shopify website to enable Shop pay or can you enable it other platforms? - You do need to have a Shopify website to enable Shop Pay, because it is a Shopify specific product
  2. Video Start Time 41:37 - Are there fees for using Shopify - See plans here - in addition to transactions fees - % of sales. Platform fee + % of sales (2-3%)
  3. Video Start Time 43:42 - Does Shopify offer a POS system - directly integrated to your Shopify store - Shopify POS. Streamlined - inventory management, payment flow 
  4. Video Start Time 45:23 - Dropship partners recommendations 
  5. Video Start Time 48:02 - Shopify Plus - Geared towards larger enterprises - greater functionality and automation available, APIs - to connect external systems to Shopify 


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